13 High Profile People Who Want to Get blasted

Plenty of the common folk really want to live like the rich and the famous. But many of those high-profile individuals enjoy kicking back and enjoying marijuana, same as the rest of us. They just light their bowls with their pinkies up, resting by the saltwater pool apart from of their twenty-room mansion. Jealousy aside, here’s an assortment of elevated profile people who desire to get high.

1. U.S. Presidents

Bill Clinton asserted he never inhaled. Barack Obama substantiated for The United States of America that for him, that was the point. There have actually been quite a number of presidents whom have been known to dabble with the dank.

Certainly, nowadays none would get grabbed doing so, but maybe one day there will certainly be a smoking circle in the Oval Office.

In terms of high profile people who like to get high, you can’t get significantly more “high profile” than United States presidents.

2. Jay-Z

His private usage may have waned with parenting and maintaining his marital relationship with Beyoncé intact, but Jay-Z nonetheless advocates adamantly when it comes to the legalization of pot.
In his assessment, which the New York Times considered critical enough to distribute, legalizing grass might be a step in the right path in order to stopping the War on Drugs.

Jay-Z could quite possibly not hit the pot like he used too back the moment he released “Izzo”, nevertheless that does not mean he’s deserted his amigo, weed.

3. Kareem Abdule-Jabbar

Look, if headed into a life of professional basket ball– keep a hint something in your mind. The large number of the national leagues test for ganja and enact extreme consequences to individuals which test positive. How about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Abdul-Jabbar doesn’t need to cover his behavior to spare his status any more. Now, this particular all-star simply proudly reveals his prescription and hits heights higher up than the mesh.

Even with the most aspects in NBA record, this person still could not get away with bud possession or use even though in the league. No fears.

4. Roseanne Barr

Mommies with young children or teens smoke up– perhaps even the very most elegant mothers. Madonna might live in a “Material World” the remainder of us will never view.

However, she still maintains it genuine and smokes occasionally. That’s correct: Madonna is one of the prominent individuals who enjoy to get high.
Her lax perspective and excellent parental talks on drugs might be why weed smoking has become a family occasion.

Just recently the world has experienced a 90’s resurgence. In addition to along with the rekindling of the Tanner household in Netflix’s Fuller House, Roseanne Barr has certainly produced a television return.
But her self-titled show on Amazon Prime isn’t the only thing keeping her busy.

Proponent and end user for her own instance of glaucoma, the star and 2012 presidential prospect has aspirations and plans to open up her own dispensary named Roseanne’s Joint in Santa Ana, CA.

5. Ricky Williams

Retired running back for the NFL, Ricky Williams supports legalization or regulation of weed. Soon after being kicked out from the organization for checking positive for weed in 2006, he has maintained his placement on the ganja.

He professes, “when I use cannabis, it allows me to make connections … that give my life meaning. I’m really passionate about making the world a better place.”
He’s surely helping make the world a greener place, starting with professional football.

Williams left the NFL before making the Hall of Fame. And even regardless of missing out that chance, Williams does not fluctuate in his position on weed.

6. Bill Gates

Folks all over the USA wake up and tune into the gaggle of ladies hosting The View. But one of those lovely women likes to try to keep it raised.

Though an advocate of legalization in his own state of Washington, Gates remains quiet about his own personal usage. Nevertheless, those working for weed change will require the encouragement of the world’s very first billionaire.

It might extremely well be that this OG’s relationship to dank OG could have been really the medicine to keeping him rational during his career.

Many bright-eyed geeks excited to kick off a start-up study up what makes Microsoft founder Bill Gates prosperous.

7. Whoopi Goldberg

Partnering with Maya Elisabeth of Om Edibles, Whoopi has kicked off a new medical weed business. They sell topical and edible products to soothe symptoms like monthly period cramps. Perhaps one day Whoopi can promote for that real-time studio audience on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg has never been shy concerning enjoying a little bit of cannabis. However today, she ascends to a perhaps even more elevated plane of existence.

8. Sarah Silverman

Whether she smokes a vape pen on the red carpet or she enjoys a smoke sesh with her parents, this star of I Love You, America speaks out for marijuana’s legalization. And she does so with class and sass.

High profile people who love to get stoned rarely come as forthright as her. Stand-up comic Sarah Silverman never conceals her affection for cannabis.

9. Conor McGregor

For Conor McGregor, whether in or out of the ring, pot is really worth a battle. But when the good stuff is legal like on a visit to Amsterdam, he doesn’t have to.

Discovered not long ago making a chill coffee shop order of pot, this trash-talking fighter appreciates his fair share of high-grade pot.

10. Morgan Freeman

In the past, Morgan Freeman’s silky, resonant voice has been definitely flawlessly cast as God. Those vocal chords took full advantage of their resonances smoking on cannabis.

At this time he uses his voice to circulate the word about weed activism and help to legalize the plant.

11. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson wants to bring to California may surely knock the state out. This particular former-boxer, now-actor and business owner looks for to take advantage of on the state’s brand new legalized cannabis marketplace.

Making use of his cash from fame, Tyson plans to open a one-stop cannabis shop that also doubles as an amusement park. “Tyson Ranch” will also serve as cultivation center for his medical marijuana company. The former heavy-weight champion truly seeks to go higher.

12. Martha Stewart

But since her release from prison, Stewart’s decorating schemes have received a makeover. Paired with new partner Snoop Dogg on their Emmy Award-nominated show, Stewart even performs raps about marijuana edibles.

Few can rival the craftiness of home and garden celebrity Martha Stewart Even her name rings like the sound of fine china being put away after a proper dusting.

Who doesn’t want tips on how to bake festive tea cakes packing that potent punch for the next holiday gathering?

13. Ben & Jerry

These nationwide business proprietors blend their appreciate for dairy pleasures with activism. Though primarily focused on enviromentally friendly politics, this duo also wishes to begin to create a product line that combines ice cream with another passion of theirs: marijuana.

While this cannabis-cream combo is not yet offered, advocates of pot Ben & Jerry wish to eventually release in states where it is legal.

Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Pot and a pint o’ ice cream. Yep, Ben & Jerry listened to the call– loud and clear. These two are some high-profile individuals who like to get stoned. Or at least, help other consumers do so.

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